Gun Room Assistant

  • Permanent
  • Chelsea
  • Posted 12 months ago
  • This position has been filled
  • Ref: 1706-11
  • Salary: c£20s

This job of helping Michael who runs the Gun Room is only for someone who drives, will have to have a CRB (we can get it) Suit someone who is mechanically minded as will clean guns and they can be worth 1/2 a £million! Certainly help if you are passionate about shooting as you will get taken out shooting with the boss (father and son) and son shoots for England. They store 1000 shotguns and the business sells cartridges, socks and glasses and boots but it is not a clothing shop. Hours are 9-6pm and in the shooting season can be delivering or collecting guns all hours of the day and night and all over England too. . They offer clients a 24/7 service and so one needs to have stamina, be resourceful and very on the ball as clients are rich and demanding-since shooting is a very expensive sport. Can even be running around Europe fetching and delivering guns. Never a dull moment.


The shop is about to be rebuilt and will then be very nice. They consist of  father/Gary, son/Tom, Michael-runs gunroom and another chap who is away on a dog training course, and the girl to run the office and this Assistant-so could be 6 in all. Could work week-ends but of course will have days off in lieu in the week. Usually during the Shooting Season that they are busiest of all, September to January and could not take holidays during this period.  ** They do encourage entrepreneurship and there will be scope to grow this job. I think they are hoping to set up a Sporting agency.